Happy Monday, y'all! A quick update, and then to the good stuff.

Dark wood watch with grey and rose gold face paired with a basic grey tee

Chris and I officially sold our house, hallelujah! After two deals fell through, needing to fix the foundation, the plumbing being damaged during foundation repairs, and so on... we were glad to see it go.

When I stop and think about it though, we had so many memories in that house. It was our first home - it's where we got Ollie, where I passed the NCIDQ, and where we finally found out we were pregnant. So many great things to remember! The good out-weigh the bad, that's for sure!

We're patiently waiting for our house to be built; scheduled to be done, well, at the same time the babies are due. You know me... trying to do everything at once. I don't know why I do it to myself. But man, what a rollercoaster 2017 has and will be. So many life events this year, and I can't wait!

But now for the reason of today's post. I wanted to share a great accessory, with an even better giveaway!

Grey basic tee paired with dark wood watch

Summer wood watch accessory paired with a basic tee

Summer baby bump in a basic tee and wood watch

I know I've shared on here before, and you may have seen recently on social media, but I am loving this dark wood watch, with the grey and rose gold face from JORD. So, so pretty! The rose gold detailing is by far my favorite element. It's easy to pair this with basics, like I did with today's look, but also super cute to dress up and wear for work or a night out.

JORD has so many options on color ways; I even have a lighter wood version from a couple of years ago. You can see how I styled that one here and here. So cute, right?!
Be sure to check out what they have for guys here, and what's available for the ladies here.
Chris loves the two that I have, so I may have to hook him up in the future. They are really unique pieces... that's what I like most about them. Nothing good about being basic.

Okay, okay - so if you're wanting to know more about what JORD has offered my readers, keep reading below.

First and foremost, everyone who enters automatically gets a $25 giftcode just for entering. And it's not crazy detailed with 'like' this, follow that... giveaway your first born. It's as easy as entering your email address. You give that to everyone and their momma anyway, so why not - yeah?

So now for more details. Enter your email address (that's it), and the giveaway will end on 06/18 at 11:59pm. If you are the lucky winner, which I hope you are, you will win a $100 giftcode to use on the JORD site. Keep in mind that the giftcode will expire on 08/31/17. That's awesome, y'all!

Enter the giveaway HERE.
I can't wait to see who all enters, who WINS, and which piece you choose. So exciting!

You can also find some inspiration for Watch Gift Ideas. I know Father's Day is right around the corner, but you can always put an image of the watch in a card... and order for your person just a couple of days later when you find out you're the winner. And if you're not, just a reminder that you will still get $25 off your purchase for entering.

What a great way to start a Monday. Have a good one, friends! 

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  1. your bump is so cute! and I love those sunglasses on you. I have a JORD watch from years ago and they are so nice to wear in the summer because they are lightweight and don't make your wrist sweaty when its WAY too hot!

    xo, Maddy