Size of the babies: Per my handy dandy app, week 23 the boys were the size of of a large mango. Week 24 they were the size of an ear of corn. That's pretty big! Also, per our latest doctors appointment, they are still weighing ahead. That makes me a little bit nervous, but how incredible for it to be twins, and they are weighing ahead. I feel like those two things are never in the same sentence. SO, we're feeling blessed over here. 
How I'm feeling: It varies by day right now. I have good days and bad days. The afternoon and evenings are tough. I can't seem to get comfortable sitting, standing, laying... so pretty much any way. Ha! And, the 40 minute drive home from work is less than great. Being in the car for longer periods of time is also uncomfortable. So many changes happening to my body, but again, I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to carry my own babies, so I'll take it! 
Pains: Actually, my tailbone pain hasn't been as bad lately as it was in the beginning. It mostly bothers me when I'm out an about for longer than I should be. I haven't yet learned that I am not capable of doing all of the things that I could before. I get tired real fast, and this girl isn't used to that. You know what though, this heartburn is insane. Insane I tell ya! It will be the one thing I hope, and will be glad to get rid of. It was so bad the other day I swear I could have vomited. I've never had it before pregnancy, and OMG, I feel sorry for those people who do. It's miserable. 
What I'm eating: I haven't had too much of an appetite lately. I'm actually going to talk to my doctor about it. BUT,  I usually snack a lot during the day, and eat much smaller meals for lunch and dinner. Not gonna lie, cereal for dinner has been a lifesaver. I've eaten more cereal in these 24 weeks than I probably did the entire last year. 
What I'm craving: Still not craving much. I had most of my cravings in the first trimester. Lucky for Chris, he hasn't had to go out and buy me something insane at 2 in the morning. I've heard many stories, so I was preparing him for the worst. You know what though, he has been great during this process. I bet if I did have those cravings, he would gladly get me what I was wanting at any hour of the night. I'll take it! 
Sleeping: This goes hand in hand with not being able to get comfortable. It's just not that great right now. Snuggling to an oversized pillow has definitely helped, and hey, I slept in until about 8AM this past weekend... y'all, I never do that. I'm up and at 'em at 6:30/7:00 on the weekends too. I felt like a new person! Funny thing though - I woke up around 6AM that morning and decided to stay where I was at. As I was getting comfortable, and just as I was falling back asleep, I could feel the babies kicking. I'm sure they were wondering - what the heck, it's time to get up! Kinda funny, it's like we have a routine already. :) 
Wearing: Comfy dresses, basic tees and flat shoes. Anything comfortable. Jeans a couple of times a week, but by the end of the day I am speeding to get home to change into my PJs. 
Wishing: I don't really know that I'm wishing anything at the moment. I have my days where I want to speed up time and have the boys here (mostly on the days I'm experiencing a lot of discomfort and pain). And then other days I wish for time to slow down because I wanted this for so long, I don't want to forget what it was like. Will I miss the bump, the kicks, the changes? I don't know, it's hard to say! I just want to enjoy this process; it's crazy beautiful what our bodies can do. 
Babies Moving: All of the time now, and I LOVE IT. You can see them kicking and moving from the outside. It is really the strangest, yet most perfect thing. And I say strange in the most loving way. It's really hard to explain until you experience it. I try to remember who is moving when, and was it the music that was playing, or why they are so active at that time. I will never know of course, but it's the beginning of a bond, and that's the part I can't get enough of. They have kicked a couple of times when Chris is talking to them. Isn't it crazy that there are two tiny humans in there? Humans. With personalities, and perfect little features. A mix of both me and Chris. It fills my heart so full. 
Loving: Being able to experience pregnancy. I was thinking about this the other day, when I caught myself complaining about the discomfort I was in. We went through a lot of heartache and pain for this. And a lot of women never get to experience it, so to say that I am blessed and thankful is an understatement. 
Doing: Everything to prepare. We got our registries taken care of. We booked a baby shower venue. A daycare got us on the list, and can get us in come January (YAY!), and now I'm trying to finalize our maternity photos. August and September are going to be so busy, and then... AND then, October will be here, and so will the boys. OMG. 
Upcoming: Babyshowers and maternity photos. Can't wait! 

So that's basically a mix of the last couple of weeks. We are getting more excited everyday, and can't wait to meet our two littles. We're also a lot nervous. Ha! We would be crazy if we weren't, right?!

Thanks for following along on our journey!


  1. yay! happy to hear you and the babies are doing well!

    xo, Maddy

  2. awwwww!💗💗💗 You will never forget feeling those baby boys move in your womb. 6 years later I still remember what made Jocelyn wiggle and squirm: the sound of Jason's voice, me dancing to music, skittles, orange juice, and the steep ramp inside of our school-she squirmed crazily whenever I would walk the ramp to and from PE! Enjoy every moment!

    1. That's so incredible that you remember all of those little details, and how sweet they are! It's a beautiful thing to experience!