Happy hump day, y'all! We're half way through the week - PTL! 

The #nsale is in full swing, and I'm so bummed that I can't even share half of the stuff that I bought. I have been checking for restocks everyday, and as soon as something becomes available I will be sure to share. 

In the meantime, you know I had to check out the baby items available. I have been buying swaddles left and right; I feel like they are everywhere right now, and they have the cutest patterns. I'm loving these in black and white - so chic! 

Also, baby moccasins. I can't - I die. SO cute! I have already gotten a couple of pair, so I haven't decided yet if I'm going to buy the gray ones above, BUT, if you have littles and you like mocs - they are a must have. Normally $60, and they hardly ever go on sale! Plus, if you have one baby it's not too bad... two babies add up a little quicker. haha! 

For my girl moms, these headbands are super cute, and under $10. Now that is a steal! They each come in multiple colors - you can find them by clicking the links above. 

I'm also on the fence about a shoulder diaper bag, or a backpack. I love the backpack above because it's also fashionable, but I'm not sure if a backpack will be large enough when they are newborns. Any feedback/recommendations you have is appreciated. Did y'all opt for a shoulder bag? 

A few other things that I picked, the Honest giftset is always a good go-to for a shower gift, and I like the swing a lot... it's much more compact than what I have seen in the past. This minimalist is all about that! 

They had some cute clothes and stuff too (a few Northface jackets), but I will leave the rest for you to browse. If you have toddlers or young kids, you can also browse this link for items in their size. 

Thanks for reading y'all. Until next time.

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