Twin Brother Cake Smash Photo Shoot

You guys! I am definitely bombarding you with an insane amount of photos today, but I can't help myself. We decided to do a cake smash shoot for the boys 1st birthday, and oh my gosh. They LOVED it! 

And how cute are these boys?! I am dying. Ugh. I love how Liam in the first picture is straight up in his brother's cake. I mean, what happened to personal space? And then in the next photo Knox is minding his business and Liam (per usual) is super nosey and concerned. Ha! Their little personalities are the BEST. 

Can we even talk about how sweet my little Knox is in the next few pictures? His little chubby face. I cannot get over them in these photos, and the fact that they dug into the cake. By the end, we had to pull them away from the cake rinse them off at the photographer's house. They had it everywhere. Just how I hoped. 

These are some of my favorites from the shoot, and it was hard to narrow down! My favorite, favorites are probably the close ups of the boys after eating some cake, the one toward the bottom where Knox is like ok, I've had enough... but Liam is all, I'm not leaving MY cake. And of course the very last photo because it shows their personalities perfectly. Knox being super chill and in deep thought, while Liam is looking for the next thing to do/get into. 

There's nothing much more to this post other than the fact that I wanted to share the photos we took. Enjoy! 

Photography: Little Laugh Box 

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