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Hey! So I have been brainstorming lately what I want to share on the blog. Obviously it is growing and molding and changing with my lifestyle, and that's how I always wanted it to be. I still love sharing styled looks and sales, but to be honest I got a little burned out for a while.

Instagram, like I have mentioned before, killed and continues to kill my vibe. It's exhausting. I find myself in a constant comparison of others, and not fully being true to myself. Ugh, I hate that. 

And let's get real, there isn't a shortage of style bloggers throwing daily outfits your way. I don't want to be another one in the huge pool of blogging.
Hence why I have pulled back a lot on here. 

Even though I feel that way, it is also not fair for the people that follow my blog, and have been dedicated and loyal readers for so many years. That's where I could use your feedback. Is there something you wish I shared more? Do you wish I posted at all? To share things and write posts takes a good portion of time. I don't mind doing it at all, I actually love doing it, but at this point in my life I want to make sure I am being smart with my time. So if you still follow and read, and want to see more content - leave me a comment on here, Instagram, Facebook - wherever. I need to know what you guys are looking for. 

With all of that being said, there was a reason for today's blog post. Like I said, my life is ever-changing and with that I have noticed that I am looking for new ways to enhance my overall lifestyle. 

Some big, some small.

I'm not sure what it is either - maybe having kids and needing to find myself again, maybe because I'm into my thirties now, and more aware - I don't know. Either way I found myself in a rut as I drove to work everyday. Wishing and wanting things to be different in some way, but not sure what that way was/is.

A few thoughts that have trickled into my mind: the need to workout. Wanting to get back into a routine with church. Wanting and needing to feel more balanced and content. Wondering about the toxins in our home. Incorporating essential oils more into our daily lives... and the list goes on. I was and am going crazy with these thoughts in my head every day. So like I said, I am starting small, but a few of these things have helped ease my mind a bit so I wanted to share.

Podcasts: I listened to Podcasts a few years ago, mostly to dig myself out of the black hole of depressing infertility struggles. I really enjoyed listening to them but eventually life got busy and I went back to every day radio. Lately I have come across a couple that I am really loving. Loving so much that I haven't listened to the radio in at least 2 weeks. That's huge! I spend a lot of time in the car and I love music, so that says something for these podcasts. 

The Good Life with Stevie and Sazan. Sazan is an influencer and new Mama as well. She and her husband are SO hilarious. They share a lot about their personal lives - how Stevie (her husband) was not accepted by her family because of ethnicity, and JUST met her Dad after they have been married for many years. Other episodes include relationship advice with guest speakers, how Sazan came to know and love Jesus, and how to keep a positive and motivating life. It's a great one... definitely worth checking it out. 

Whine Down with Jana Kramer. I stumbled upon this one when Jana and her husband Mike were on The Good Life podcast with Stevie and Sazan. They played a fun game, and also hinted at something that had gone down in their marriage. They didn't go into details and I was curious, so I found her podcast and learned more. They talk about the crazy ride of their marriage, the struggles, and have guest speakers on as well. This one is more open and sometimes vulgar in comparison to The Good Life, but so entertaining. They definitely keep you coming back for more. 

All in all they are motivational, inspiring and uplifting. At this time in my life that's what I need. Life and work are exhausting, busy and challenging, and a fun podcast is the perfect balance to that. 

I have also been enjoying Thrive Market. Have you guys heard of it or used it? It is a website for all products healthy and organic. Long story short Thrive Market does the work for you. They bring you all of the good products, not the ones that say they're good on the label, but the actual products that are clean and healthy. It's a membership, but I tried it for a month for free before deciding to sign up. Essentially, you are getting all of your organic/clean items for a discounted priced, and shipped directly to your house.

We've ordered from there a few times now and I'm really enjoying it. We have found some good snacks for us and the boys, and I recently ordered some of the Mrs. Meyer's home products. If you're looking for an easy way to bring some clean items into your home, without getting overwhelmed on the organic aisle in the grocery store - give this a try! A couple of things we've been loving is this beef jerky, these peanut butter cups (YUM!), and these rice cakes. They also have meat, wine, vitamins and supplements. I plan to incorporate more of those things in our next few orders.

If you want to try it you can click this link for 25% off your first order. This isn't a sponsored post by the way, they just offer anyone who signs up a discount for their friends. So, you're welcome!

Past that, I am just trying to keep it positive everyday. I have so much to be thankful for, and I AM, but I will not sugar coat the fact that life has been harder since having the boys. Life in general, and the battle within myself. I am trying to figure it out by learning what brings me the most inner happiness (other than the boys), and move toward that.

Life is too short.

If you are feeling the same kind of way, drop me a note. I would love to hear how you are coping, or what helped get you out of your rut. If you have a daily or weekly routine that really grounds you, and helps ease your constantly running mind - also let me know that. I am open to ideas. Right now I feel like my mind is playing me, and not in a good way.

I want to take it easy, y'all and enjoy this life. What about you? 


  1. Where do i go to listen to podcasts

    1. There’s a podcast app on your phone, if you have an iPhone. You can search them on there, subscribe and listen.