Kicking off June with a recap of my May posts and favorites. But first, happy June - really mid-June!

Now let's jump into it.

Affordable and trendy hair clips

First up - good ole Amazon! I was not super quick to jump on the hair accessory trend - especially barrettes, but the bug finally bit and now I'm all in. Like any other trend I try to find affordable pieces before diving in, unless it's a trend that I predict will be around a while. Like hair ties (which I still love!) I think the next hair accessory will be making a debut in the near future which is why I opted for a set of inexpensive clips. These hair clips particular come in a pack of 10 or 14 and are under $15!

And can you blame me for not going ALL in with the pearl clips? Are they cute on others? For sure! But did I want to be just like everyone else. Negative. Although, I think these clips have now found their way around Instagram, so there's that. Either way - super cute and affordable! Below is one way I have styled them.

How to Wear Hair Clips

I also snagged a few summer pieces on sale and ending up really liking how everything fit. 

Easy 4th of July Outfit Idea

The star ball cap is really cute, and I think will be the perfect easy accessory for the 4th of July. We usually keep it pretty casual laying by the pool or at the lake, so a hat is perfect. Protects you from that sun as well, so bonus! Nothing like taking care of your skin, ladies. 

I was looking for a pair of casual black sandals for a while as well, and like how these fit. I walked around NOLA in them all day and have no complaints. Now they don't have any support but I am usually okay without it so that didn't bother me. If you need support though, I would probably pass on this pair. 

And now taking a hard left and leaving the fashion scene for a minute. Lets talk organization. My other love! I shared an Easy Bathroom Organization post with y'all a while back and HOLY crap, it drove a lot of traffic to my site. I guess you like organizational posts? The problem is, organizing can get really expensive - haha! I plan to share more in the future but have to take it one room at a time. My bank account (and probably husband too) will thank me.

Inexpensive expandable drawer organizer for spices

In the meantime, I bought this expandable drawer organizer and put our spices on it. You guys - I LOVE it. You have no idea (or maybe you do) how annoying it is to dig for spices at the very back of the cabinet. It is like the one you always need is hidden somewhere in the back. How?! I digress. 

Now our spices are nicely organized (and easily seen) in our drawer. The organizer comes in clear, black and white and expands to the width of your drawer. Another bonus, it is under $15 too! Notice a trend today? #budgetshopper. 

That's all I have for May. Everything linked above, or you can shop it via the widget below. 

Until next time. 

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