Here we are again, another month passed! I seriously cannot believe it is already July. But since it is, I am here to recap my favorites purchases and most sold items from June.

Let's do it! Up first shoes and clothes - my faves.

These black strappy platform sandals were a hit! The best $25 I have spent on Amazon. They are more of a sandal over a wedge which I why I love them so much. I wore them out and about shopping and to a cheer competition, and have no complaints. They come in a ton of colors and styles too.  

This t-shirt dress is one of my favorites and was pretty popular with you guys too. The color shown online is like a primary yellow, but I honestly don't think it is that yellow in person - just an FYI. It is fully in-stock and now on clearance for $12.50!

Now for a couple of random purchases.

Inexpensive coin holder and organizer for car

I am always on the lookout for easy ways to organize. Chris has change everywhere in his truck and it was driving me absolutely crazy. So, Amazon to the rescue! I got these change cup holders... y'all, LOVE them! They fit in his console cup holders, but also in the cup holders on the doors. These help keep all of the random change from collecting in all of your open space. They come in a pack of 2 for  $14.99.

Last but not least, new strollers for the boys. With them getting bigger (and heavier) it's harder for me to push them both around in a double stroller. There have been times where Chris and I would like to take one of them to go run and errand too, and it's difficult to do that with a double stroller. I was searching for something lightweight and easy to lug back and forth. Found these guys and have really liked them so far. Easy to control, very lightweight, and easy to open and close.

That wraps up my favorites from June and top sellers by you. As always you can shop the pieces linked above or via the widget below.

Until next time!

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