After doing a poll on Instagram it sounds like some of you are planning to shop the #nsale, but only a couple during early access. So I'll put this right here for you to bookmark, come back to you - however you want to handle it - until July 19th (public access).

In years past I have purchased a lot of basics, sweaters, cardigans and shoes. This year I didn't do that as much - yes, I did snag a $10 tee, and my favorite BP cardigan that I get every year, but I also snagged some home decor, and thought ahead for what I could use as gifts for others. To be honest I like sweaters from Old Navy, Target and American Eagle so no need to get them all from Nordstrom (and wear literally the same top as EVERYONE else). Feel me? 

Now let's get started. 

I am breaking this post out by categories (tops - sweaters - cardigans, shoes, home, gifts). If you are overwhelmed by this post, I will also be doing separate posts for Favorites Under $50, Gifts, Shoes and Overall favorites for Women of all things Nordstrom (not just my purchases) which will be in collage form for those of you that are visual people. 

I don't usually cover much of the Men's and Kids departments but if you would like for me to do that just say the word. I can't justify spending $50-70 on a North Face jacket for the boys (X2), so not really authentic to share. Just trying to keep it real over here. 

FYI - you can "click" any of the bold and underlined text, or "click" on the image via the widgets below. Both will take you to the product page on Nordstrom's website. As mentioned before, I will receive a small commission for anything you click on from my blog (only through the website, not through the app). Thank you for your support!

Nordstrom anniversary sale shoe picks

Madewell Sweater - This is the only sweater that I purchased and it was not my intention initially. The online photo does not do it justice. I saw it in the store and immediately snatched it up. The colors are so pretty and the perfect fall tones. I have also never owned anything from Madewell and always wanted to. I have heard great things about the quality, so I am eager to have this one in my closet. It does fit TTS (true to size) but if you want an oversized fit size up one. This sweater will be so cute paired with a suede skirt or skinny jeans and booties. Can't wait to style it! 

Grandma Stitch Cardigan - This one was also an in-store purchase. Basically, don't go into the store because you'll get sucked in. Neither the Madewell sweater or this cardigan look great online but I liked them in person. It comes in 3 colors and will be great layered during the cooler months. I wear cardigans all year long so I can always justify a new one. Fits TTS. 

BP. Open Cardigan - My favorite cardigan every year. Goes with anything and everything and fits just right. This one always sells out, and for some reason I never purchase it in black. So, I got black this year but it also comes in 4 other colors. Fits TTS. 

Fleece Lined Quilted Jacket - I saw this one styled on Jen from The Sister Studio and had to have it. It will be so cute paired with jeans and booties or leggings and a t-shirt. It is not as thick and puffy as I was originally thinking but I really like that more so that it is easier to layer. I gave it a feel in-store and happy I snagged it online - super soft. Comes in 2 colors. Will update more on sizing once I get it in. 

BP. Fitted Crewneck Tee (I had to, they are $10) - Comes in black and white and will be paired with literally everything all year long. From my favorite affordable Nordstrom Brand (BP.). Not gonna lie though, you can probably get a similar basic tee at American Eagle or Target. 

The shoe department is really where it's at this year. There are so many cute ones but I also know that there will be SO many dupes coming out in the next few weeks. One thing for sure, snakeskin and leopard are IN. There were a few pair I had my eye on, but I am holding off for now. I got three pair total - flats, boots and sneakers. 

Remi Mule (another Madewell purchase!)- These were a later add because well, Nordstrom cancelled half of my pick-up in store order. I took it as it wasn't meant to be for those pieces and got these cute mules instead. What I have learned about myself is that mules are life. I always go for the mules over any other shoe - they are easy to grab, easy to wear and easy to style. I usually get them from Target which has been fine, but since I wear them so much I thought I would get a better quality pair. Loving the cognac color for fall but they also come in black. 

Heath Bootie - First item added to my cart. I really like the rich color of these, the height of the heel, and the overall style. They come in 3 other colors and will be worn a ton I can already tell ya. I am really surprised they haven't sold out. Take it from me and grab you a pair of these pretties! Usually over $100 and under $70 during the sale. 

Adidas Swift Run Sneaker - Now, now - these are a popular one. I guess for this pair of sneakers I can be like everyone else. I have a few pairs of Adidas and like how they fit. I was in the market for a new pair of sneakers and these just happened to catch my eye at the right time. I got the gray and white ones (which are of course sold out), but they also come in black. They run big - I would size down half a size. 

I grabbed a couple of things that I already had on my "future shopping list". Even better when you catch them on sale! 

Aromatherapy Diffuser - I have had my same diffuser for over 5 years I think, and it has this purple accent color that drives me insane (OCD, I know). I wanted one that was more streamlined and of course, prettier to look at. They have a few sizes and shapes available - more via the widget that you can shop - this is just the one that I liked. 

Large Wood Tray - I went in for a large cheeseboard in a grayish wood finish but then saw this one. A few sizes are available, but I have been on the hunt for an oversized one. I saw Kaila Walls post this gorgeous and gigantic fruit tray for her sons birthday last year and have been dying to get my hands on a board like this since then. And now I have! Lookout y'all, major fruit spread coming to Knox and Liam's birthday bash. 

I don't know why I haven't done this in years past but this is the perfect time to stock-up on gifts. I only got two things but they were both at affordable prices, and items that I would like to get myself so I figured others would like them too. If you get this for Christmas, you're welcome! 

Plush Throw - People have raved about this throw for many years. I usually shrug it off and get a throw somewhere else but this year I gave in. It comes in 15 (!) colors and has over a thousand reviews with 4.75 stars... I think it's legit. Do yourself a favor and add this to your home. 

Moonlight Pajamas - Most of the sizes are sold out (but could be restocked by public access) so keep an eye out. I feel like pajamas are the one thing that we would all love to have but rarely buy for ourselves. I love getting pretty PJs as gifts, although nothing beats an old baggy t-shirt if I am being honest. These come in 3 solid colors and a light gray stripe. There is also a short sleeve top and shorts version available. 

And that's a wrap. Once I type it out it seems like a lot but in the grand scheme of things I really don't think it is. I have gone overboard in the past and started a new year with tags still on some of the pieces (never worn) - ouch. Don't want to do that this year so really narrowed down what I felt like I would wear. I have also heard that there are good deals on jeans, but I like how my American Eagle and Abercrombie jeans fit, so it's just not for me. I would not be a good resource for you because I don't wear much of the brands they are offering. Sorry! 

Hope you enjoyed and find this post helpful. Stay tuned for collages of overall pieces from the sale that I like (not just the ones I purchased for myself). OH, and lastly in case you haven't noticed - I linked both XS-L and plus size where the option is available in the exact piece purchased. 

Until next time! 

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