Hey, friends! It's a new year - 2017. PTL! 2016 was a beast and I'd like to put it behind me as much as possible.

I was hoping it would end on an incredible note, but update - still no baby. We're hanging in there though and I know He has big things planned for 2017. We'll keep you updated on the process; I think we'll be moving forward with our next option now that we're in a new year. Plus, we've given Clomid a chance, and maybe it's not meant for my body.

Positive mind. Positive life.

At least that's how I am planning to start (and end) 2017. I feel like I lost myself a bit in 2016 and for 2017 I'm ready to dig deep into my soul to find what I'm longing for. I need my happiness back, and with that, are some things that I've been thinking about.

I don't like to say that I will start each of these today, or even set them as official NY resolutions. Why? Because that's usually setting yourself up for failure. I just want to work on some things, and when I stopped to think about my life and what I feel like I've lost or let fade away - these were at the top of my list.

  • Be happy - stress less. Remember the book about more soulful living that I mentioned in this post? Yep, I need to pull it back out. I started it and then life got busy. I don't want to let the busyness of life take over. I want to enjoy each day and not focus all of my attention or worry on getting pregnant. 
  • Enjoy moments with my family. Like I said, 2016 was a bitch. It really was. I was talking to Chris and telling him that I feel like I didn't stop and fully enjoy time with my family. If it wasn't me not feeling well, it was being tired, or too busy. I don't like that. Family is the most important thing in life and I do not want to take them for granted. Christmas made me so happy - it was exactly how things used to be. We laughed, we talked, we played games. What's better? 
  • Bridge the gap with my brother. Not that there's a huge gap, but we definitely don't talk as much as we used to. We're both married - we both have our own separate lives, but my brother is someone that can put a smile on my face in a heartbeat. I love laughing with him, I love being around him. We didn't have near enough of that this year. But you know what, I got to witness him getting married in 2016 and that was perfect. My goal is to plan dinner, or even send a text every once and a while. Heck - I think I should start planning monthly dates with my brother and sister. The three of us. How incredible would that be?! 
  • Be healthy. This includes working out, eating healthy, beauty routine - a ton of things. I mean, we have an at-home gym now... um, no excuses! But really, I want to try Whole 30 at some point in 2017. I'm curious to watch my body adjust to the different lifestyle and see how I feel about it. I hear incredible things. I'm tired of being tired - and what better than healthy eating and exercise to help with that? One thing I don't want though - I don't want to go so hard left to where I can't have a cookie, or maybe a latte (yeah, that's my weakness). I still want to enjoy sweets AND QUESO, but I want to do it in moderation. So, any advice? How do I kick start being healthy and actually stay motivated to do so? Update: since I wrote this post I signed up for Kayla's BBG program... and completed one workout. Yeah! 
  • Essentail Oils. Can you say Stress Away and Peace and Calming? Yep, I placed an order this weekend. I used to apply oils on the daily - and call my crazy, they worked. Or at least made me feel less stressed. Hey, whatever it takes - right?! Also, Lavender is freakin' amazing and makes me, Chris and the dogs sleep like a baby. But do babies sleep well? I never understood that saying. Ha! 
  • Continue focusing attention on the blog and twelve TEN. Both of these are equally important to me, and I love how they're growing. Something I enjoy doing and keep my creative juices flowing. I noticed in 2016 that my posts that were the most engaging always had to do with life updates and our fertility journey. If that's what you guys like, that's what I want to share more of. I don't want the blog to get stuck in a "style" rut, but I also don't want to be all over the place. I want the blog to reflect my typical life, and also inspire others. Is that too much to ask? 
  • Travel with my guy. We didn't take a trip in 2016, mostly because of surprise illnesses that I had. I want to do stuff this year, and even the years to come. It doesn't have to be a week-long trip, and it doesn't have to be abroad. There is so much to see in the US and so many weekends to make that happen. A quick weekend trip to clear our minds? A baby-moon? Sounds incredible, yeah? A family trip would also be fun this year. It's been a minute since we've all traveled together. 
There are many other things that I want to work on and incorporate into my life, but those are some that have been weighing heavy on my heart. 

Ultimately, I want to enjoy 2017 - the good and the bad. I want to watch the sunset, cuddled with Chris, with my favorite song on and no phone in sight. That is what I want. 

What are you guys working toward this year? I hope it's an incredible one for you and I'm sending good vibes your way! 

Until next time. 


  1. Amazing post! I'm so incredible proud of you and your success with the blog and twelveten. It's truly amazing. You're writing is incredible and relatable, and it's so nice to read. I love your last bit about the sunset and Chris with no phone in sight. This post has me thinking a lot. 2016 was a rough one for me too. But I can't imagine going through your fertility struggles. You're so courageous to share that with the people on the interweb. You are an inspiration Scootie! And such an incredible and well-written and thought-out post. Brilliant!

    1. Thank you so much, Cass! Okay, that last part - I really want that. Like really bad. Doesn't that sound amazing? Maybe only one thing better - sitting and looking at the stars! Nothing like the beginning of a new year to get your thoughts right.

      I'm so happy to have a friend like you - you are one of my biggest supporters and I can't say thank you enough. You are an inspiration as well! My struggle is nothing compared to yours. Together we got this!