That one time when it wasn't 70 degrees in Dallas... do y'all remember that? I was actually freezing my butt off taking these photos. It's when Dallas hit the 20s. Say what?! That's dedication y'all. 

Anyway, today's look is all pieces from last year... well, minus the jeans. Gotta love that! Unfortunately, these exact pieces are no longer available, but I did find some similar ones and linked them below. 

Nothing feels more like fall and winter than a chunky knit sweater. If there's one piece that is a favorite of mine during the cooler months, it's exactly that. You can cozy up with a chunky knit - keeping it casual, or you can dress it up with a pair of slacks for business attire. I paired it with a beanie and plaid last year and absolutely loved that look. You can check it out here if you missed it.

So, completely off topic, but probably more important - Christmas this year. Can I just tell y'all that I had an absolute blast? For 2016 to have sucked as bad as it did, I have to say that it's ending on a damn good note. I had so much fun at my mom's and my dad's... we played games and kept it dysfunctional, you know - the fun stuff. 

Also, Chris's family came to our place for Christmas breakfast - we also did this last year. I hope we continue the tradition next year and the years to come. It give me a chance to host and pull out pretty white and gold dishes, and just feel like I'm the one doing something. Usually I just show up and call it done - I like being on the other side, too. 

But most importantly, my dogs didn't act like complete fools. Y'all, that's a Christmas miracle! Do you remember how wild my pups are? That post is here. I was pretty sure I was gonna lose my mind at that point. Oh, such good times. 

Anyway, I hope you guys had an incredible Christmas and were able to spend quality time with the ones you love. Here's to ending 2016 on a good note! 

Get the look! 


  1. I wear a variation of this look all winter long! Love it;) Also, glad you had a great Xmas ans the dogs were good! #winning

    1. Right! Can't go wrong with a big sweater and scarf! And okay... my dogs were good... I can't believe it. Heck yeah!