Hey, y'all! Thought I would take some time today to catch up with what's been happening lately, plus share a few things that I've posted on Instagram, but haven't made it to the blog.

So let's jump into it. What I've been up to recently.

Doing: Well for starters - we just finished our 5th (5TH!) round of clomid - fingers crossed this is the one - we had more follicles than we've had before. Eek! Maybe this is it. Y'all say a prayer for us. If you're new here - you can read more about our journey here and see that one time I let Chris give me a shot here. Also, much less personal, I redecorated our guest bedroom. It was white with pops of color and pretty, but just not exactly me. It's much more neutral and minimal, just how I like it.

Neutral Guest Bedroom Bedding and Decor with Tassel Pillows

Accomplishing: I'm currently on week 3 of BBG. That's also exciting! Last week was a little tough because I traveled, but I made it to week three and that's an accomplishment on its own. But let me say, it is beginner week 3, and I've been seeing everyone else post about the actual week 1 or 2 (whichever it is) of BBG and it looks brutal. BUT, I can do this y'all - and so can you - if you're hitting up the gym.

Listening to: Almost 30 Podcast. It is HILAR, y'all. If you have a spare moment, listen to it. These chicks are so real, and so funny. Plus, Krista is a fellow blogger for The Hundred Blog. I've also been kicking it a little old school and jamming out to Kings of Leon's first album while working out. Forgot how much I loved them!

Watching: The Bachelor and This Is Us and Blindspot and any of the other reality junk TV out there. Have y'all been watching any of these? I love, love This Is Us and Blindspot. But don't get me started on The Bachelor this season. There's a reason I prefer The Bachelorette over The Bachelor. I can't with some of these girls. One especially. Any guesses?

Wearing: My typical - ripped jeans. I can't get enough. They are so easy to pair with everything. Also, I'm loving the tucked in top right now. Simple yet chic. Oh, and the second photo shows my NEW favorite lip color. And, get ready - it's $3! Linked below - definitely give it a try!

How to style a tucked in tee with ripped denim and sneakers

Favorite drugstore lipstick colors

Preparing: Some fun travel this year. Chris and I are really wanting to go to Jackson Hole, WY, and I'm hoping we can make that happen. We also have a few trips to plan with our family, and maybe another quick weekend trip with our friends. So much excitement! I just wish I could pack my dogs up and take them with us, too.

So, what have you been up to in the new year? Have you been keeping your NY resolutions, and working toward bigger/better things? Also, what about your vision - remember this post from last week? I still haven't figured mine out yet, but I'm confident we'll get there!

Happy Wednesday! It seems to be creeping, but we're half way there. Until next time, friends!


  1. Loving this post, girl! I am a big fan of This Is Us too! I have to give the podcast a listen for sure.
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party

    1. Thanks so much! This Is Us is so good, but I cry every single episode! haha

  2. I love this post! I've been obsessed with distressed jeans myself so you're not alone ;) I definitely have to start watching This Is Us, I heard it's amazing!

    1. Thanks! This Is Us is so good. If you have some free time you should definitely give it a watch!

  3. ripped jeans are my fav too and you guys will LOVE jackson hole - we did that this past summer!!! xox0

    1. You did?! So cool! I know a couple of people who have been and they LOVED it. I'll have to hit you up for some recommendations once we get it booked! :)

  4. Girl I am PRAYING for you guys to conceive soon! Sending love your guys way!! It will happen!! <3

    xo, jess