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Summer Patterned Maxi

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Deep Ellum Art
Dress: Liz and Honey - cute here, here and here
Shoes: Cato - similar here
Sunglasses: Shein
Lipstick: Chanel 

Before I even get into today's look, let's all take a moment to appreciate the incredible new art in Deep Ellum. 

It's by far my favorite piece to date. I almost wrecked when I drove by and saw it the first time. Oops. 

A new found frustration though. We took these photos last weekend; I drove by yesterday on my way home from work (no I'm not a stalker, it's my typical route) and the dumpsters have been moved. Really?! Of course they have. Although, they didn't stop me from getting the photo I wanted. Hold your breath... and have your husband lift you up. #theshitbloggersdo

If you'd like to follow the girl who created this beauty, her instagram handle is: lm_artndesign. She shares the process with photos and video snippets... pretty legit if you ask me. 

Moving on. 

Today's dress. Well, as much as I think I'm transitioning into Fall clothes, I was sweating hardcore when I took photos from Monday's post - hence the 100 degree weather - so for this look I opted for the correct clothing. Although, I would have still been sweating with a swim suit on. So freaking hot. 

I wish I could say that this dress is still available from Liz and Honey but unfortunately it's not. I snagged it on sale last Fall (#bargainshopper) but I searched their site for some dresses that are either similar or give the same type of vibe. 

I don't have too many recommendations for styling this dress, especially if you live in Texas. Keep it simple and pair it with sandals. Done and done. 

If you're looking for another option, I've also paired it with a military vest and platform sandals. It was a little more dressy, but still comfy. 

And before I forget as if I could ever actually forget. 

Last night I saw Sam Smith in concert. Ahh! He was beyond incredible and I love him even more now. I'm pretty sure he sounded better live than he does on the radio. How does he do that?! 

And did y'all know he's only 23?! Mind blow. And also a tad bit jealous. How is he so successful at 23... well, that's a dumb question. But why wasn't I blessed with vocal cords like that?! 

Either way it was another great concert for the books. One I will never forget. And as much as I don't want him to be heart broken again, I kind of need him to be if that's how he produces such a great album. Happy music isn't as effective as sad music, is it? I guess it depends on the artist. I'm sure he can pull it off. 

You go, Sam Smith! 

Hope you guys are having an awesome week! 

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  1. I was in Deep Ellum on Saturday and parked in that same parking lot. I wanted to take some pictures but I felt like I was melting away (SO FREAKING HOT!). I love that dress and I am super jealous that you got to see Sam Smith.

    1. It really was! I was dying while taking these photos. Seriously, when Sam Smith comes back... he's a must see! So good. I love him even more now.